Gravity Luffing Davits

Gravity Freestanding Pivot system for embarkation in the stowed position & hoisting of the empty craft

Gravity Pivot davit with hydraulic turning-out features for embarkation in the stowed (inboard) position

The Global Davit section of pivot davits for lifeboat handling is splitted into two main groups; the systems which are turning-out on gravity power and turning in by the winch and falls-Gs(l)p.FP.-type davits, and the systems with turning out/in on hydraulic power, Gs(l)p.FPh.-type davits. The systems are in full accordance with the present SOLAS-rules and are MED-certified.

Each system consists of:

1. stools/tracks suitable for welding to deck adapted to the deck situation
2. arm in box shape construction
3. lifeboat winch with centrifugal brake and electric motor in IP 56
4. electric system with starter box for under-deck and push-button box for on-deck
5. wire rope in galvanized (anti-corrosion) non-rotating steel
6. galvanized suspensions with lower blocks, chains and links
7. remote control of the stop-go type
8. lashing gear with polyester belts and stainless steel ratchets
9. maintenance slings

Liferaft Capacity Model SWL Standard Outreach Max Launching Height

<16 P
<25 P
<39 P

3.5 m
3.6 m
4.5 m

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