FRC Launch and Recovery System

A Global Davit innovative Launch and Recovery System, that has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch company of TBV Marine Systems.

The innovative Fast Response Craft (FRC) stern Launch and Recovery System (L.A.R.S.), is capable of launching FRCs of more than ten meters and weighing over eight tons. This procedure can be executed successfully in a sea state up to SS4, a 5 Beaufort wind speed and waves up to 2.25 meters. The patented system makes use of a double frame, placed on the slipway of the vessel.

The system consists of:

1. Main frame
2. Landing frame
3. Buckling unit
4. Innovative towing cable system powered by one cylinder
5. Synchronisation cables
6. Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
7. Electronic main control box
8. Deck Control Panels
9. Specially designed catch hook to be assembled on the FRC
10. Protective fenders and blocks assembled onto the landing frame
11. Hydraulic powered stern doors

Liferaft Capacity Model SWL Standard Outreach Max Launching Height

<16 P
<25 P
<39 P

3.5 m
3.6 m
4.5 m

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