BUKH SOLAS MARINE ENGINE, 450 – 550 HP (330 – 404 KW)

Engine block and head

  • Cast iron cylinder block
  • One-piece cast iron cylinder head
  • Ladder frame fitted to engine block
  • Replaceable dry cylinder liners and valve seats/guides
  • Drop forged crankshaft with induction hardened bearing surfaces and fillets with 7 main bearings
  • 4 valve per cylinder layout with overhead camshaft
  • Each cylinder features cross-flow inlet and exhaust ducts
  • Gallery oil cooled cast aluminium alloy pistons wtih three piston rings
  • Rear-end transmission
  • Engine mounting
  • Flexible engine mounting

Lubrication system

  • Seawater-cooled tubular oil cooler
  • Single cartridge type oil filter, easy to replace, with no spillage

Fuel system

  • Common rail fuel injection system
  • Gear-driven fuel pump and injection timing
  • Electronically controlled central processing system (EMS – Engine Management System)
  • Single fine fuel filter of spin-on type, with water separator and water alarm

Air inlet and exhaust system

  • Mid-positioned twin entry turbocharger with aftercooler
  • Air filter with replaceable inserts
  • Wet exhaust elbow/riser (option)
  • Loss of sea water alarm

Cooling system

Two options available:

1. HE(Heat Exchanger)

  • Seawater-cooled tubular heat exchanger
  • Coolant system perpared for hot water outlet
  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet
  • Easily accessible seawater pump in rear end

2. KC (Keel Cooling)

  • 1,5-circuet cooling system
  • Belt-driven centrifugal cooling water pump in HT circuit
  • Gear driven rubber impeller cooling water pump in CAC LT circuet

Electrical system

  • 24V with extra 12V/115A or 24V/80A alternator
  • Instruments/control
  • A type-approved system that fully integrates the engine, electronics and the unique set of EVC features
  • Plug-in connectors
  • EVC system color display – Optional
  • Propulsion
  • Shaft drive

1. Configuration: D8, In-line 6 cylinder Diesel engine.
2. Rated Engine Speed: 2900 rpm @ 550HP
3. Bore & Stroke: 110 x 135 mm
4. Net weight : 840kg
5. Engine Rotation (looking forward): Anti-clockwise
6. Electronic Engine Diagnostic: YES
7. Propulsion System: Shaft Drive

Liferaft Capacity Model SWL Standard Outreach Max Launching Height

<16 P
<25 P
<39 P

3.5 m
3.6 m
4.5 m

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