Engineering Solutions

Finding The Way – A trusted approach towards protecting assets and people from fire, gas and other potential hazards.

There is always a better way to maintain the health of people, ensure safety of workplaces and protect the environment.

Over the years, our customers trust us to safeguard their people and protect their assets from fire, gas and other potential hazards. This is reinforced with the combination of technology that our partners bring into the market, and the highly skilled workforce that Solas Marine provides -system design, onsite and offsite technical support, testing and commissioning and specialized service network.

LIFE SAVING APPLIANCES – Liferafts, Lifeboats, Rescue boats, Davits, Life jackets, Lifebuoys, Defibrillators

FIRE FIGHTING APPLIANCES – Extinguishers, Fire blankets, Fire axes, Hydrant valves, Fire suits, Fire hoses, Fire couplings, Nozzles, Monitors, Eductors.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT – Breathing Apparatus, BA Compressors, Medical Oxygen sets, Safety showers, Eye & Face wash, Work vest, Chemical suits, Safety Harness, Electrical Safety Kit, Crash Rescue Kit & Pyrotechnics.

FIRE SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS – External fire fighting system (FiF)i Water sprinkler system, Water mist system, Foam based fire fighting system, CO2 fire extinguishing system (high & low pressure), Dry and Wet chemical system. CLEAN AGENT SYSTEMS – 3M™ Novec™ 12, FM 200, Inert gases -Argonite

COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS – Public address general alarm systems (PAGA), Telephone system.

DETECTION SYSTEMS – Fire and Gas detection system, Wireless gas detection system, Flame detection system.

HELIDECK PACKAGE – Aluminum helideck pancake, Deck integrated fire fighting system (Diffs), Motion monitoring system, Landing and perimeter nets, Circle-H lighting system, Refueling system

LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS – Breathing air cascade system, H2S capsule system.

NAVIGATION SYSTEMS – Bridge navigation watch alarm system (BNWAS), Electronic chart display information system (ECDIS), Navigational lights and aids.

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