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Lms - Type liferaft cranes represents the simplest execution of slewing cranes for liferafts available with manually driven slewing features. The systems are in full accordance with the present SOLAS rules and are MED certified.
12 - 39 persons capacity rafts.
Each liferaft system consists of :
  • Pedestal suitable for welding to deck
  • Column with integrated manually driven slewing gear
  • Arm in box shape construction
  • Liferaft winch with centrifugal brake (optionally with electric motor for hoisting operations)
  • Wire rope in galvanized (anti - corrosion) non - rotating steel
  • Automatic release stainless steel hook
  • Remote control of the stop - go type
For handling of a second liferaft :
  • Liferaft winch with quick return for multiple raft handling
  • Jockey pulley for retrieving of the empty hook
For stores handling features :
  • Stores winch with electric motor in IP56
  • Electric system with stainless steel starter box with push button
  • Wire rope in galvanized (anti - corrosion) non - rotating steel
  • Suspension according to the latest DIN - standards
Options :
  • Electric remote control for stores winch
  • Electric winch motor for hoisting operations
  • Flood light on arm connected to ship's emergency circuit
Liferaft Capacity Model SWL Standard Outreach Max Launching Height
<16 P Lms.15.2/3.5 15.2kN 3.5 m 45
<25 P Lms.23.2/3.6 23.2kN 3.6 m 45
<39 P Lms.37.0/4.5 37.0 kN 4.5 m 45