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  • Orange colour lifebuoy ring with retro reflective tape & grab loop
  • 30" daiameter
  • Available in 2.5 kg & 4 kg
  • Maximum stowage height : 50M

        Approvals : SOLAS, EC, MED, USCG


Lifebuoy Light L90

Colour Orange
Light Output 2 Candela minimum
Light duration 2 Hours minimum
Light type Filament lamp
Drop height 60 Mtr (SOLAS regulations state a minimum of 30 meters).
Battery type 5 No's Alkaline Cells
Activation Self activating via a tilt switch
Approvals SOLAS/MED

Lifebuoy Light L161

Colour Yellow
Light Output 2 Candela minimum
Light duration 2 Hours minimum
Light type Flashing LED
Storage life 5 Years
Drop height 76 Meters
Battery type Lithium Manganese Dioxide
Activation Automatic via Pull cord

Automatic Crew-overboard Marker Light

Colour International orange
Operation Throw unit overboard or turn upright and light will begin to work
Waterproof Drop tested 100 ft (33 m) into water
Battery Type 6V Lantern style battery
Visibility 360° visibility for over 3 miles (4.8 km)
Flash Rate 60/minute


Containerized Fast Throw Line

Containerized Fast Throw Lines are a must for any application that requires a dependable length of rope. Whether it's for a ring buoy line, a painter rope or any other application where you need a rope that will not be deteriorated or tangle upon deployment. CFTL's offer great dependability and value. The PVC containers keep the rope out of the elements and upon deployment are tangle resistant.
  • Models : CFTL1, CFTL2, CFTL3, CFTL4, CFTL5, CFTL6, CFTL7
  • Make : Billy Pugh, USA

Lifebuoy Ring Bracket

Lifebuoy Ring Bracket

Encapsulated Floating Line

Encapsulated Floating Line
  • Make : Cosalt, UK