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Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire extinguisher requires stringent maintenance and accurate functioning to ensure its operation during emergency conditions.
  • It is very important to inspect each unit carefully and maintain in accordance with local and national regulations, IMO or MSC Circulars, NFPA, BS EN specifications and International standards.
  • Our trained and skilled technicians are aware of the importance of a fire - extinguisher's performance during a crisis and will make sure that they are fully functional during an emergency.
  • Our facilities are well equipped with latest machineries, tools and spare parts for maintenance of DCP, FM 200, Carbon dioxide, Foam and Water extinguishers.
  • We have an in - house Hydro testing of cylinders and CO2 Refilling facility.
  • In accordance with OHSAS standards we have implemented a 100% dust free dry powder refilling system.
  • In house state of art Hygienic dust free service station to Inspect and service Self - Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD).
  • Highly skilled technicians trained from prominent manufacturers SCOTT, Drager, Sekur and others.
  • Maintaining an inventory of spares and tool from these manufactures to service the sets in accordance with the IMO requirements.
  • Facilities are equipped with computerized Posi-Check testing units.
  • Breathing air compressors used in refilling are maintained by factory trained technicians with regular air quality checks.
  • Inspection of Inflatable Life Rafts should be carried out by approved service stations at intervals not exceeding 12 months according to SOLAS III/
  • We service different brands of Life Rafts. Our in - house life raft service stations expand over an area of 5000 sqm.
  • Solas Life Raft Team comprises of well - trained qualified engineers & skilled technicians who are familiar with the different brands of life rafts manufactured around the world.
Fixed Fire - Fighting Systems
We specialize in various aspects of fixed fire - fighting systems inspection, testing, repairs and maintenance. We have in - house Hydro - testing and Refilling facility for CO2 & FM200 cylinders. Our Engineers and technicians are trained by the manufacturers to carry out 5 - Yearly control valve testing and 10 - Yearly inspections.
  • High and Low pressure CO2 Systems
  • Galley CO2, Wet Chemical Systems
  • Water Mist & Water Sprinkler Systems
  • FM 200 Units and refilling of FM 200
  • NOVEC 1230 Units and refilling of NOVEC
  • Foam Installations, Helideck Foam Systems and Foam Sample Analysis
  • Nitrogen Installations
  • Fire Hydrants and Fire Hoses
Fire And Gas Detection Systems
  • We inspect, function - test and trouble shoot various types of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.
  • Trained engineers and technicians for preventive and corrective maintenance of gas detection systems like Honeywell, RC Systems, RAE systems etc.
  • Scope includes calibration and testing of personal gas monitors, portable multi gas detectors, area monitors, portable wireless gas detectors, fixed wireless gas detection systems, fixed - wired gas detection systems, sampling pumps and analyser tubes.
  • Testing and recertifying systems located in Marine & Offshore vessels, Land rigs, offshore rigs and platforms, onshore facilities and refineries.
  • We provide preventive and corrective maintenance on various kinds of Breathing Air Compressors.
  • Our technicians are OEM trained.
  • Our service include maintenance of compressor and recertifying the units for marine vessels, onshore and offshore drilling, inspection and testing of the breathing air cascade cylinder banks connected to compressors.
  • We have specialised team of in - house engineers for maintenance and refurbishment of industrial and seismic compressors used in oil field applications.
Solas Calibration Services, located in Dubai, offers calibration within its laboratory, onsite calibration and offshore installations. Our team can evaluate your requirements, exigencies and can provide appropriate cost effective solutions.
  • Testing of weighing scales, pressure and temperature instruments, UTI tapes, barometers and wind speed indicators.
Immersion Suits And Lifejackets
  • Immersion suits are tested as per IMO/MSC/Circ.1114
  • Inflatable Lifejackets can be inflated and tested at all our facilities with special equipment's which reduce the turnaround time to meet vessel deadlines.
Bilge Alarm And Oil Water Separator Inspection
We offer technical services of testing and maintenance for major brands of Bilge Alarm and Oil Water Separator equipment and system.