Solas Marine H2S Safety Services in the Middle East since 2000.

Assuring companies a safe work environment does not get easier when dealing with H2S and other toxic gases. But over the years, our experience has taught us to respond to such toxic gas incidents with a high degree of preparedness.

Intuitive assessment of the site hazards and proper planning for mobilizing equipment are key initiatives that our company takes pride in when offering H2S safety services. We provide customized H2S safety services for operations in onshore and offshore fields in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our goal is to achieve the safety goals of our clients, by enhancing the safety of their work environments. Our H2S safety packages are based on sound methodologies to enable company personnel to be equipped & prepared for such hazards. Our OPITO certified H2S personnel work to meet the training needs of our clients at site or at our training facility.

With a proven track record of H2S Safety services in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar, you can be assured that Solas Marine Services will provide a safe and efficient work environment.

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