Solas Rental Division consists of well experienced team who are well trained & experienced working in various H2S fields, making them capable to respond to any H2S emergency in a calm and professional manner.

Ideal for environments where ambient oxygen is at very low level. The modular unit combines the highest degree of respiratory protection with long duration use. It is used for industrial applications as diverse as entering sewers, cleaning out tanks and painting.

  • SOLAS H2S Technicians are adequately trained to handle all safety equipments & to maintain them in perfect working conditions.
  • SOLAS H2S Technicians are trained to assist customers in managing an H2S emergency in the best possible manner.
  • Solas H2S Technicians are certified to work in both offshore & Onshore H2S fields by undergoing training such as Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET), Basic H2S / Breathing Apparatus, Offshore Survival, Basic Fire Fighting etc.
  • SOLAS H2S Technicians are qualified to prepare safety documentation, including contingency plans and procedures
  • SOLAS H2S Technicians are OPITO certificated H2S Trainers.
Gas Detection System
Gas Detection System