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IMMCS is a PLC based system with latest technology sensors and transmitters to suit marine applications. This system is used to measure ballast, fuel and other tank capacity including controlling fill and dump valves connected to the particular tank. The system can be designed to monitor weather, fire and gas, navigation lighting and machinery alarm. The system can be viewed using laptop or PC when connected to onboard LAN. The required data can also be transmitted to onshore stations using external data communication devices on board.
Water Tight Door Monitoring
All water tight doors and hatches are provided with proximity or limit switches which can be weather proof or ex-proof equipment based on site condition. Status beacons are provided either side of the door for continues local indication of the door status. The system HMI page shows the status of any opening of doors and hatches which then can be closed when required.
Engine Alarm System
All engines are connected with common status alarm to the system which monitors the standard monitoring parameters provided by the engine manufacturer control panel. All faults and alarm status are recorded in the database for any future evaluation.
Tank Monitoring
All tanks are provided with sensors which can be Ultrasonic, Radar, Pressure Type or Bubble type. The sensors are connected to the control panel and a HMI graphic show continues status of the tank. The user page has multiple units for the operator to understand the quantity and use for the calculation purpose. The system also connected to the valve control to open or close any valve at any time by authorized operator.
Leg Length Measurement
For the old rigs which does not has the leg length measurement system Solas offers in house developed measuring device which is connected to the system and shows the depth and rigs leg length.
Valve Monitoring and Control
Ballast and Fuel tank valves are operated using the valve control panel. Solenoid valve panels are provided for the pneumatic operated valves and contacts provided for the electrical operated valves. The valve control system is part of IMMS and can monitor and operate individual valve or as common dump using the dump switch during emergency condition.
Bulk Tank Monitoring
Bulk tanks such as Bentonite, Cement are provided with Load cells and also with Radar Sensors for measuring the content mass. In case of load cells local hydraulic display can be provided based on customer requirement. All tanks can be monitored using the operated interface page in HMI. Valves can be operated using HMI.
Weather Monitoring
Weather Monitoring is also linked to the IMMS and can be individual. The system monitors wind speed, direction, humidity, barometric pressure. All HMI will be showing the weather condition in the top of display page as
Emergency Shutdown System
Emergency Shutdown System also called as ESD System is installed for simultaneous shutdown of critical components during emergency. The ESD system comes with Basic Relay Model, PLC Model and SIL-2 Specification based on customer requirement. Complete Cause & Effect is prepared and system is designed/programmed accordingly.
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