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Public Address & General Alarm System
The equipment is designed to meet the offshore standards and suitable for use in hazardous area, where applicable. The system is supplied with amplifiers fitted on single or double racks depending on the capacity and provided with PABX. It can also be used as intercom system and many features are built-in.
Batteryless Telephone System
Battery less telephone system is the modern version of the traditional sound powered telephone. Independent of the vessel's power supply, it fulfills the demands for emergency communication between vital positions on board. The system has a versatile range of light, robust and corrosion resistant stations for all on-board environments. Different stations can be delivered for panel, desktop or bulkhead mounting.
Talk Back System
Talk-Back system is a command communication system based on one operator unit/panel, and a wide range of substations. The system is typically used to coordinate activities in a work group - when it is important that the members in the group can hear all conversations. The stations are designed and made for marine usage and environment.
Mobile Phones
Using the private box we will create a full GSM network on board a ship or rig. Above deck a local cell will be positioned at several locations to ensure full coverage. Below deck and in the accommodation, we will do the same. For each area we will need to determine how many local cells or repeaters are needed to get full coverage. Each local cell will be connected to the main server / control center via cable. In every room, office, work place, etc. we can mount a beacon. This beacon is in direct contact with the box via GSM and the position of each beacon is known by the control center.

All personnel on board can be outfitted with an Eex alarm / communication LWP Lone Worker Protection device. This device is detected by the closest beacon. When the worker presses the alarm button, an alarm and message will come up at the control station and the position will be shown. The position shown is the beacon that is closest to the worker pressing the alarm button.
Bridge Navigation & Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282 (86) requiring a BNWAS to be installed on all new and existing ships. The System comprises of either a bulkhead mounted or console mounted control panel with an on board PIR (Passive Infra-Red) movement detector.
Electronic Chart & Display Information System (ECDIS)
Electronic Chart Display and Information System is MED approved by Det Norske Veritas providing "Intelligent iChart Innovation". System hardware, software, charts, training, updates to guarantee compliance with IMO SOLAS regulation. The iECDIS is pre-loaded with Jeppeson charts for global ENC coverage with multiple licensing options to suit your budget and operational requirements so you can start navigating immediately.
Navigation Lights
We provide complete Navigation Lighting system design including control panel, battery bank, power supply units including range of navigation lights as per class rules and governing standards. Safe area and hazardous area lights are available for marine and offshore application.
Fog Horn
Fog Horn are durable, low maintenance and is suitable for installation in a Zone 1 hazardous Area. An efficient design using special amplifiers only require 3 stacked emitter to achieve the range of 2 NM. A 4th emitter and amplifier set provide the required secondary 0.5 nautical miles fog signal. This horn is completely independently operated and controlled, but integrated into one design. At the base of the horn the oscillator and termination panel is positioned, to provide an optimal sonorous output.
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