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Mud Pit & Process Area Foam
Foam system is designed as per the class rules and requirement to protect the Mud Pits and Mud Process Areas of the Drilling Rig. The system consists of fixed nozzle, foam mixing equipment and foam tanks. Tanks can be of atmospheric or Bladder type based on customer requirement.
Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFF)
Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System consists of deck integrated pop-up nozzles, foam skid and release panels. The nozzles are installed flush with the deck top surface. When the system is released the nozzles will be lifted up by the water pressure and make an effective spray distribution of water / foam mixture to the entire protected area.
Foam / Water Monitors are used to discharge the foam calculated as per discharge capacity required to cover the complete helideck. The monitors are available with many options depending on the customer requirements like remote operated, self oscillated, self inducting or normal type. All monitors are suitable for sea water and type approved by marine classification society.
Pre-Mix Foam System
Pre-Mix foam systems are normally used for unmanned locations and where there is no facility to provide continues water using fire pumps. The skid consists of Tank for water and foam, mixing equipment and Nitrogen cylinders main and reserve for actuation of the system. The system can be connected to self-oscillating foam monitors or DIFF systems. The system will be operated remotely or automatically from Fire & Gas Control Panel. Dedicated fire panels also can be provided based on customer requirement. Complete system available in safe area and Hazardous area equipment.
High Expansion Foam fire extinguishing system works on refrigerating the surrounding, cuts off oxygen, and controls the fire using inactive gas that comes out of Foam. The system consists of Foam storage tank, pump, Foam mixing device, Foam generator and control devices. Foam liquid, a multi-purpose 1% / 2% premixed liquid of foam, can subdue fires related to most of polar solvents with high inflation fire extinguishing equipment. The quality of foam may differ depending on the fire scenario and area to be protected.
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