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High Pressure Water Mist System
Ultra Fog specializes in delivering high pressure water fog sprinkler systems for fire protection. Latest system hardware converts water in the form of fine mist and fog that requires less quantity of water but with sufficient extinguishing power. Fog systems can also be used for electrical fires. The Ultra Fog system was originally designed and developed for marine use, where the demands for effective fire extinction are extremely high. When installed for use on land, it achieves a highly reliable and efficient fire extinction system which works well in sensitive and valuable environments. The Ultra Fog system can be connected to various different forms of surveillance for early fire detection and immediate activation. Together, fast response with low water consumption saves valuable buildings, occupants and property.
Low Pressure Water Mist System
Low pressure water mist consists of pump skid, discharge nozzles, control equipment. The system is designed to protect main engines, generator engines, oil purifiers, Incinerators as specified in IMO Circular and Solas Regulation. The system can be operated automatically using detection system and manually by using push button switch. Discharge lights on each sections are provided.
Conventional Water Sprinkler System
Marine Conventional sprinkler system is similar to the system used in buildings and industrial plants. The system consists of sprinkler nozzle with various temperature bulbs which burst due to the heat generated during fire. The system consists of section valves, fresh water tank, pump and control equipment. Each section operation is monitored in a common sprinkler panel. The system is automatic and no manual operation allowed to operate the sprinkler heads.
Deluge System
Deluge systems use open nozzles with automatic discharge option, when the water requirement for protected area is in large quantity.
External Fire Fighting System (FiFi)
External fire fighting system is fully integrated with the vessel's main engine. Dedicated diesel engine, electrical or hydraulic driver also may be used to avoid the impact from ship's operation to the FiFi system. The power is transferred to the pumps via remote operated clutch and necessary transmission. The water jet is created in the monitor outlet by pressing water at optimum speed through specially designed monitor nozzle. The system may also include self-protection deluge (Water Spray) with water taken from the FiFi pumps and / or various types of foam systems.
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