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Aluminium Helideck
Helideck is made of aluminium plank sections which are joined to each other by tongue and groove without welding. The planks are supported by large aluminium I-beams. The surface of the deck plank extrusions has ribs that are partly milled off in the transverse direction. The friction achieved in this way is extremely good. The Helidecks are designed for maximum friction and reduced need for utilization of landing net.
Perimeter Safety Net
Safety net frames are generally made of aluminium and the net is 316 stainless steel wires. Retractable type or fixed type is supplied as per customer requirement. These nets are supplied with hinges and can be directly welded to the helideck side structure. Ready to install type safety net panels are supplied as per the existing net frames. These panels are constructed with 316 stainless steel wire and tube frames, which are extremely resistant to corrosion even in the harshest offshore conditions. Net Frame Panels are light-weight, pre-fabricated in any shape or size.
Landing Net
Landing net prevent helicopters from sliding on offshore structures and seagoing vessels. The balanced strength of the net is a result of innovative knotless straight-line design and weaving method that prevents distortion. Landing net provide higher friction than traditional rope nettings, and will not deform or distort regardless of the weather. The Landing net meets the new 2.5 cm height restriction presented in the latest edition of CAA regulations CAP 437.
Circle & H
Touchdown and Positioning system (Lighted H and Circle marking System) is designed to fully comply with UK CAA CAP 437 standards for offshore helicopter landing areas. This system is installed to ensure visibility of the TD/PM circle and "H" during night and reduced visibility. This is also in line with the ICAO standard and recommended practices relating to offshore Helidecks.
Status Light
Helideck Status Light System is used on offshore structures and sea going vessels where it is necessary to inform the pilot if it is safe to land on the helideck or not. In case of dangerous situations like presence of any hazardous gas, the Helideck Status Light System will give a visual signal to the pilot not to land the craft. The system meets CAA regulations CAP 437.
Flood Light
Floodlights are designed to provide adequate illumination of the whole area without glare to pilots or helicopter personnel in the area. The luminaries are designed for use in rough environments to meet the toughest conditions in the helicopter landing areas. The Lights are available for Safe area and Hazardous area applications.
Perimeter Light
Perimeter Lights are designed for use in rough environments to meet the toughest conditions in the helicopter landing areas. It consists of high-intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs). The result is a highly reliable perimeter light with correct light distribution and color temperature complying with ICAO and CAA regulations CAP 437. These are available for Safe area and Hazardous area applications.
Obstruction Light
Obstruction lights are designed to provide a safe and reliable warning system to approaching aircraft identifying all obstacles. These lights are sealed for life and designed to be maintenance free for up to 100,000 hours. The lighting system is manufactured from the latest corrosion resistant marine grade material available. The sustainable long life system reduces the need for costly continual repairs and replacement and provides a significant cost saving over the life of the installation. These are available for Zone 1 Ex-Hazardous Area applications. The system meets CAA guidelines CAP437 and ICAO regulations.
Crash & Rescue Equipment
Standard Helicopter Crash rescue equipment are supplied in a storage cabinet and normally stored near helicopter deck entrance. Hand operated pneumatic metal cutting tool is supplied to larger helidecks. Complete equipment type and quantity meets the CAA regulations CAP 437.
Helicopter Refueling System
Helicopter Refueling Systems are supplied according to customer requirements, conforming to international standards. The Refueling System can be composed with a minimum of two transportation tanks, which are also used for storage. The tanks are manufactured according to ASME VIII and approved by DNV or ABS. The fuel tanks are made from stainless steel eliminating maintenance and increasing the life time of the tanks. Aviation fuel dispensing unit skid and related accessories are supplied as complete package.
Helideck Illuminated Wind Sock
Windsocks are rugged and solid construction, designed for use in rough environments to meet the toughest conditions in the helicopter landing areas. Luminaries are mounted in SS316L reflector with junction box.
Non Directional Beacon (NDB)
NDB is an aviation or marine navigation aid with a radio transmitter. As the name implies, the signal transmitted does not include inherent directional information, in contrast to other navigational aids such as Low Frequency Radio Range and VHF Omni-directional range (VOR). The modular construction provides for ease of maintenance, troubleshooting and set-up. A variety of models are available from 25 to 1000 watts to meet virtually any operational requirement.
Heave Motion Monitoring System
Motion monitoring system is used to produce trend analysis that can be used to warn the pilot about abnormal motions. This PC based system gives the opportunity to graphically present all occurring vessel motions measured by the motion sensor. Meteorological instruments are commonly integrated to the software together with the motion sensor. The software displays the integrated instruments in real-time and also logs the data for future analysis. System can be tailor made to customer specifications.
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