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Addressable Fire Detection System
Fire detection and alarm system can be of conventional or analogue addressable type, depending on the customer requirements and governing authority rules and regulations. Various detectors are available like optical smoke, fixed temperature, rate of rise heat detectors, UV-IR Flame, IIIR-Flame and CO detectors. Manual operated call points are available to initiate fire alarm manually. Field devices are available as weather-proof and explosion-proof types. Repeater panels are supplied for larger installation.
Gas Detection System
Gas detection system depends on the customer specification, classification rules and regulations, and specific requirements such as QP, ARAMCO, ONGC, etc. The system is conventional type and can detect various hazardous and flammable gases. Most commonly used gases are H2S and HC. Visual and audible devices are provided with optional public address and general alarm interface. Repeater panels are available to view the detection and to check gas concentration at each sensor during any alarm state. The sensors control and repeater panels are available for hazardous area application and also with wireless solutions.
Integrated Fire & Gas Detection System
The Drill safe IFGS is an Integrated Fire and Gas Detection Interface Controller used for detection of Flammable and Toxic gases for marine and offshore application. The Controller comes with 4 Loop Addressable Control Panel and 32 Channel Gas controllers with common display unit. The control panel is expandable based on individual application needs using I/O modules. Gas Controller range is from 8 to 152 sensor inputs and Fire Detection is 4 to 8 Loops. Panel has standard 8 and 16 relay outputs. Panel has networking option to add more racks in a common network.
Wireless Gas Detection System
Wireless Gas detection system is basically stand alone type system where a tri-pod is fitted with controller unit, Solar Panel, Audio-Visual alarm station and battery box. Each tri-pod transmits the signal to the main control panel located at Rig site or Camp office. In case of detection of gas in any one or more tri-pods the local alarm will start with concentration of gas displayed in the local controller and in the main control panel. The unit is expandable and works on 2.4 GHz frequency.
Simultaneous Operation System which is known as SIMOPS and mainly Fire & Gas Detection, PAGA System, Wellhead Operation, Deluge Systems are part of our SIMPOS Package. The system will consists of hardware designed to meet the Hazardous area requirement and will be tied in to the existing system or as standalone. Separate Pneumatic lines with regulator, control valves, Gas Sensors are provided to shut down the wellhead operation and activate the Deluge system in case of emergency.
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