The main scope of Training Department is to ensure that an effective procedure exists for the Training Need Identification and Training and Development of the staff. In the field of safety, a professional must have utmost competencies required for the job. Hence, continuous knowledge enhancement is the key to execute all the jobs efficiently. We follow a training doctrine of "Hire to Retire".

Learning is a continuous process. Using latest technologies, we try to make it interesting and easy for our employees to undergo the training at their ease and provide them training at various levels and in various ways.

We have indigenously devised our Learning Management System with E - Learning courses to help every employee of the company in the below ways.

1. Induction Training

Every new joinee, depending upon the qualification, designation and experience undergoes Bespoke Induction Training. Lectures on Essential technical competence are delivered to them in state - of - art classroom and Practical trainingsto get a complete knowledge of the products. Various safety aspects are highlighted while performing that job or similar jobs. We have designed various models to impart the practical training in our workshops.

2. On the Job Training

After the successful completion of the Induction Training, the new entrants is sent to their respective departments. As Learning is a continuous process, the employees are always indulged in ON JOB TRAINING where they can get their hands on experience of the products. Each Employee is assigned one supervisor who not only trains the new employee but also monitors the performance during training and provides a mental and emotional support like a mentor. It is very essential since this training will help them to be a professional in the field of operation.

3. OEM Trainings

Our employees get trained in many specialized jobs, also they have to undergo OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) trainings. OEM trainings are arranged at any place in the world to make them fully efficient and capable of skills knowledge and on successful completion of the training, they are rewarded with certificates which are internationally approved.

4. Lateral Training

Various Product, Functional and Behavioral Trainings are organized for employees at all levels by in - house and external trainers. We have a bunch of online trainings for our employees to learn at their convenience and also online professional forums to discuss and share various topics and issues.

5. HSE Trainings

We ensure all our employees undergo HSE trainings so that they work safely and also ensure safety of others around. Training Department caters to the upcoming tremendous growth in all the departments of the company.